vegetables  Healthy Eating

aAdd More Vegetables                                                                      8Eating Healthy for Vegetarians
2Bobby Banana Activity Sheet                                                            9Focus On Fruits
3Child Nutrition games-4pg                                                                 10General Dietary Guidelines-4pg
tip sheetChoose My Plate Tip Sheet                                                                 11Go Slow Whoa Foods
drawmyplateDraw Your My Plate                                                                        12 Healthy Eating For Preschoolers
rainbowEat Fruits and Veggies Poster                                                             13Healthy Tips for Picky Eaters-2pg
eatometerEater Meter  Eater Meter-1  Eater Meter-2  Eater Meter-3              14 Kid Friendly Veggies And Fruits
15Make Better Beverage Choices                                                           16MyPlate Snack Tips for Parents
17 Nutrition Color Page                                                                            18Nutrition Sudoku Game
19 Pin The Spoon On The Plate-3pg                                                         20Protein Foods Variety
21  Reduce Sweets for Kids                                                                     22Salt and Sodium
23Scavenger Hunt Game


Food Related Safety

Be Food Safe Activity Color Book-12pg                                                                   3  Foodborne Illness-What You Need to Know

Poster  Fruit Veggie Safety Poster                                                                    4  Gear Up for Food Safety

5  Microwave Safety                                                                                  6  Simple Steps For Food Safety-English-2pg

6  Simple Steps For Food Safety-Spanish-2pg

Hand Washing

1How to wash hands poster                                                                      3How to Wash Your Hands
1Guide to Handwashing                                                                        4Wash Your Hands
2Handwashing A Family Activity

nutrition labels

Nutrition Label

1 Nutrition Facts Label-English                                                 Nutrition Facts Label-Spanish
2 Read the Label Action Plans for Kids-English                             Read the Label Action Plans for Kids-Spanish

3  Read the Label Cool Tips for Kids-English-6pg                          Read the Label Cool Tips for Kids-Spanish-6pg

4 Read the Label on Snacks-English-4pg                                        Read the Label on Snacks-Spanish-4pg

5 Read the Label_Word Search-English                                          Read the Label_Word Search-Spanish

Portion Size

Portion Size

1Helping Hands Portion                                                                          3Portion Size Game-4pg

2How Much is A Serving Portion Chart

More Amazing Resources

Kitchen Helper Activities

Baking Substitutions

Facts About Folic Acid

Fight Lead Poisoning With A Healthy Diet-English-4pg                   Fight Lead Poisoning With A Healthy Diet-Spanish-4pg

Food Allergies-English-2pg                                                                      Food Allergies-Spanish-2pg