Action Planning

As part of the mission of POP in promoting policies, environmental systems changes, and activities that support prevention of overweight and obesity in our community, a meeting was held in February 2013 to identify areas in which community members can work together to effect positive outcomes.

Using the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report on accelerating progress in obesity prevention as a guiding standard, the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County hosted the one-day event. As a result, POP partners, community organizations and business representatives, local governments and schools worked together to propose specific and measurable actions that can be taken to accelerate progress in reducing overweight and obesity rates in Hillsborough County.

The challenges for the day were in five areas identified by the IOM which, working simultaneously and together, offer the best chance for success.



Messaging/Marketing Challenge: How can we transform messages about physical activity and nutrition?

What’s the plan? Marketing Action Plan-updated  Gettoyourhealthiest.pdf HARTLINE transportation photos;   Billboards.


schoolSchools Challenge: What can we do to make schools a focal point for obesity prevention?

What’s the plan?  School Action Plan -  Community-Programs-Children Guide






Physical Activity Challenge: How can we make physical activity an integral and routine part of life?

What’s the plan?   Physical Activity Action Plan -UPDATED!  WALKABILITY TAMPA BAY – MAY 2015




Food and Beverage Challenge: How do we create environments that ensure that healthy food and beverage options are the routine, easy choice?

What’s the plan?  F & B Action Plan-Rev11-12-13




Workplace and Healthcare Challenge: Where can we expand the role of healthcare providers, insurers, and employers in obesity prevention?

What’s the plan? Workplace-Healthcare PlanYour Healthiest Weight Brochure

Action planning teams meeting outside of the quarterly POP meetings as best fits the group members’ schedule. In coming weeks and months, updates on actions and completions dates decided by the action teams will be posted. Where do you fit? Is there a place for you and/or your organization? This multi-faceted problem requires a multi-faceted approach by all sectors of the community. If you want to be involved in developing and implementing solutions, join us!