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Look What Our Partners Are Doing:

The Florida Department of Health – Hillsborough County is partnering with University of Tampa, College of Public Health to increase access to resources for CHILDCARE CENTERS in Hillsborough County.  In an effort to support more physical activity in the daily routine of children attending childcare centers, The Let’s Move Child Care program offers a recognition program. These students help centers’ staff to register online and implement programming that can result in Recognition status for their centers. For more information about the partnership, call 813-307-8071.

Academic Adventures in Yoga is working with the Florida Department of Health to provide Get Into Fitness Today programming for weight management and overall fitness to the community.  For more information about how to access these support-group style class sessions, call (813) 598-0795

Exploracise creator, Carrie Scheiner, reports new expansion in helping kids learn math through fun, active games.  Exploracise is looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in participating in the development of this new program. Applications can be found at  To watch videos of the program,